HTC plant tour - the opportunity to rediscover sustainable solutions

On 28th of June 2018, HTCycle staff welcomed representatives of OILBOB, RWE and Circle Carbon to the HTC plant in Relzow. We were honored to share our experience and knowledge about the hydrothermal carbonisation technology with companies active in the field of carbon and energy industry.

The HTC technology and opportunities were discussed in detail during the tour but also during a meeting which followed the visit at the plant. Mr. Kusche, CTO of HTCycle and Mr. Kuhnle, CEO of HTCycle presented information about HTC process outcomes and business opportunities for companies seeking sustainable and eco-friendly technologies.  

HTCycle technology is the most reliable and profitable solution for waste disposal, since the hydrothermal carbonisation of sewage sludge and eventually the downstream extraction, generate valuable products like phosphorus, sulphur, activated carbon, coal etc. This technology can be applied by companies in waste management industry, but also companies interested in energy generation opportunities.   

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