Either a brewery factory, a waste management or a sewage sludge removal company, the hydrothermal carbonization represent an opportunity for business development and long-term economic benefits. A HTC plant would increase the revenue of any business dealing with residues, and in the same time would end up the pollution issues these companies are challenged by.

We are here to collaborate with our clients and deliver ongoing consultancy about the HTC and its benefits so that companies feel confident investing in a new technology which is much more than a sewage sludge solution.

Our consultancy service includes advices on HTC opportunities, regulations, technical requirements and arrangements, but also advices on hydrothermal carbonization plant related to the business needs of the interested companies. As an innovative technology, new on the global market, the HTC generates a lot of questions in terms of effectiveness and sustainability. Because of that and other concerns our clients might have, HTCycle AG is available to offer the necessary answers about the process and its outcomes. 

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