Planning the project implementation

HTCycle GmbH offers support to business entities in planning the budget, the timeframe and the entire project for the establishment of the hydrothermal carbonization plant. Having the necessary expertise in this field, our experts can plan all the details for the establishment of a HTC plant.

The planning encompasses details like estimated costs of the project, potential revenues from the products, timeframe of each stage of the project implementation, analysis of the biomass or sewage sludge properties and the products resulted from the hydrothermal carbonization etc.

Each project requires a customized approach since the necessities of each client are different and the properties of the used material for the HTC are non-identical. Thus, the revenues are estimated according to the value of the products resulted from the hydrothermal carbonization. Depending on the sewage sludge characteristics on average a HTC plant which processes 15, 000 tons of dry sewage sludge per year, can result in 8000-10000 tons of HTC-coal and 1000 tons of phosphate.

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