About HTCycle

HTCycle  is a technology company active in the field of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) and has its main location in Innovationspark Vorpommern in Relzow, Germany.

The professional interdisciplinary team of engineers has more than 30 years of experience in HTC technology, management and energy projects. As one of the pioneers in the industrial application of innovative HTC technology, HTCycle has been offering solutions for the treatment of various biomass since 2009, thanks to long-standing, intensive research and development.

In 2010, HTCycle became the first company in the world to operate a HTC plant on an industrial scale. In 2017, HTCycle GmbH officially relaunched its second plant for biomass carbonization. The HTC plant in Relzow has demonstrated that the technology works in relevant environments and can be used for commercial exploitation at industrial scale.

HTCycle GmbH has also carried out tests with sewage sludge which have shown satisfactory results. Due to our developments and researches now the waste management companies, wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and other industrial companies can process the waste and water in an eco-friendly way but could also benefit from the outcomes of the hydrothermal carbonization process:

Activated carbon, used in water treatment industry or other fields

Coal, used for energy generation

Fertilizers (including phosphorus), used as soil nutrients

Flocculating agents, used in the water treatment process (esp. WWTP)

All these products with a high value on the market, make this technology profitable and very useful for the industries working under the closed substance cycle waste management principle, in order to conserve natural resources and to ensure environmentally compatible disposal of waste.

HTCycle is part of IPI AG.

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