About HTCycle

As the leader in the industrial applications of the hydrothermal carbonization technology, HTCycle has been offering cutting-edge solutions for waste disposal and management since 2009. Based in the Innovationspark Vorpommern in Relzow, Germany, HTCycle’s team consists of engineers and technology, energy and management experts with over 30 years of experience in the HTC technology. Driven by research and innovation, the team behind HTCycle is continuously working to develop their technology through rigorous research and experimentation. 

In 2010, HTCycle became the first company in the world to introduce an industrial-scale HTC plant. In 2017, the second plant for biomass carbonization was officially launched which solidified HTCycle’s position as a global leader. The Relzow HTC plant continues to demonstrate the efficiency, sustainability, and profitability of the technology and serves as an example of how the HTC process can offer tremendous commercial benefits at an industrial scale.

We continuously leverage cutting-edge research and innovation to improve the HTC technology and maximize the amount of high-value products extracted, demonstrating the technical and economic advantages of the method, compared to the current sludge incineration approach. 

Holding immense implications for the growing issue of waste management and valuable resource generation, the HTC technology’s applications include but are not limited to:

Fertilizers (including phosphorus), used as soil nutrients

Activated carbon used in the water treatment industry

Coal for energy-generation

Flocculating agents, used in the water treatment process (especially WWTP)

The end products of the HTC technology all have a high market value which further highlights the profitability and usefulness of HTCycle’s solution. This approach is particularly designed for forward-thinking, sustainable companies looking for a closed cycle waste management that conserves natural resources.

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