HTCycle Technology - best solution for waste disposal

The hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) process is a technology that mimics the natural formation of brown coal in the earth. Developed following years of rigorous research, it is currently the only profitable way to process sewage sludge and extract valuable materials in the process. 

HTCycle harnesses the power of HTC to produce high-performance carbons from sewage sludge and other wet biogenic residues. During the process, the sewage sludge undergoes dehydration via pressure and heat, which converts the carbon into an easy-to-store and transport biocoal. Our technology then recycles the processed water and cleans it, making it readily available for direct, environmentally safe, discharge. 

HTCycle’s technology is not only the first of its kind but superior to every conventional sewage sludge drying or mono-incineration method in terms of energy balance and life cycle analysis. Its high efficiency, ecological and economic value offer immense benefits to businesses who are looking for profitable solutions for waste disposal and cost-effective methods for renewable energy and material generation.

By exploiting the untapped potential of biogenic waste and residues, hydrothermal carbonization generates high-performance carbons with a high market value that are on the track to transforming the bio-economy. 

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