HTCycle Technology - the best solution for waste disposal

Hydrothermal carbonation (HTC) is used by the company for the production of high-performance carbons from sewage sludge or other wet biogenic residues. During the hydrothermal carbonisation process (HTC), sewage sludge is being dewatered at certain conditions under pressure and heat. The carbon is converted into storable and transportable biocoal. The processed water is recycled and cleaned making it available for direct discharge.

The HTC process is superior to conventional drying technologies and sewage sludge mono-incineration plants in terms of energy balance and life cycle analysis.

Hydrothermal carbonization of biomass and sewage sludge plays an increasingly important role in bio economy. They are excellently suited for the production of new renewable energies and innovative materials. Hydrothermal processes can exploit the potential of largely unused, biogenic waste and residues. Innovative bioenergy carriers, high-performance carbons or bio based chemicals are the result of these advanced platform technologies.

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