A sewage sludge solution which generates products

We are breaking new ground in the development of solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. We focus on sustainable and economical processes in the fields of biochemistry and high-performance carbon as well as the disposal and utilization of sewage sludge and other biogenic residues.

Every year, over 100 million tons of sewage sludge are produced worldwide in wastewater treatment plants. Incineration of sludge is costly and landfilling or using it agriculturally is environmentally harmful. However, this large volume of sewage sludge can be used more sustainably and economically. As it contains carbon, it offers a considerable energy potential which has not yet been properly exploited. Moreover, the economic benefits of this process consist in the production of biocoal, which can be processed to activated carbon, but also in the recovery of phosphorus, used as fertilizer and the separation of the heavy metals, making possible the extraction of flocculating agents used for wastewater treatment.

Advantages of HTC

• Saves money | significantly reduced energy demand compared to classic drying processes and lower investment costs compared to mono-incineration plants

• Sustainable | lower greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change reduction

• Ecological |substitutes fossil-based energy and mineral fertiliser, conserving limited resources

• Efficient | over 90% of carbon in sewage sludge is converted into energy-rich biocoal

• Effective | outstanding mechanical dewatering of up to 75%

• Innovative | future proof process including efficient phosphorus recovery within the HTC process

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