High performance carbon

The hydrothermal carbonization can be much more besides the production of HTC coal for the thermal utilization. Biocoal is also the starting product for so-called high-performance carbon. The fields of application are multifaceted and future-proof. In addition to powder activated carbon for the adsorption of traces in sewage treatment plants, HTCycle GmbH also develops bio-based carbon black for use in the rubber industry.

Powdered activated carbon

Today's wastewater treatment plants are designed for the removal of solids, degradable organic substances and nutrients. Microcontaminants such as hormone-active substances, drugs, biocides etc. are only insufficiently removed. In order to achieve a substantial elimination of such substances, new methods have to be used. Adsorption to powdered carbon has proved to be a very effective process in recent years. Due to legal requirements, many sewage treatment plants have to introduce a fourth cleaning stage in the coming years.

HTCycle GmbH sees good opportunities to develop a sustainable HTC-activated carbon powder for use in the 4th cleaning stage on the basis of the hydrothermal carbonization. To reach this aim, HTCycle GmbH is pushing ahead together with its development and industry partners.

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