Chinese delegation to visit HTCycle

On 12th of May, 2018 representatives of BGE (Beijing Geoenviron Engineering& Technology) visited the HTCycle  headquarters in Murchin, Germany. We were honored to have at our head office Mr. Jinming Ling, Executive Chairman of BGE, Mr. Xigang Gao, Vice Chief Engineer of BGE, Mr. Changqing Qi, Principal Engineer MSW of BGE and other engineers interested in our technology.


A presentation on HTC process and its outcomes was offered by Mr. Stepan Kusche, CTO of HTCycle. The participants learned about the latest improvements of our technology and its economic and environment benefits.


The presentation was followed by a tour of the headquarters, where the Chinese delegation could see the first industrial-size HTC plant, as well as our first plant used for research and development.


HTCycle technology solves two of the greatest problems humanity currently faces: the sewage sludge and the ecosystem nutrient imbalance. Hydrothermal carbonisation of sewage sludge and eventually the downstream extraction, generate valuable nutrients like phosphorus, sulphur, activated carbon etc. By generating these, we assure to close nutrients life cycle, thus contributing enormously to the ecosystem balance.


BGE is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the environmental technology research and the provision of solutions for pollution control system. At present, it has established three business modules of industrial environment, municipal environment and environmental remediation. 

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