Circular approaches to phosphorus: from research to deployment

On March 4th 2015, a workshop on the subject “Circular approaches to phosphorus: from research to deployment”, was organised by DG Research and Innovation, the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform and the P-REX project at the venue Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), in Berlin, Germany.

R3Water was represented by Klara Westling from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute as project coordinator and by Stepan Kusche from AVA-CO2 as an SME representative.

The workshop gathered representatives from more than 20 currently on-going or recently finished research project focusing on the field of phosphorus recovery and re-use. A poster area was arranged presenting the projects and a number of projects were also presented more in detail in the morning session of the workshop.

The afternoon session focused more on research and demonstration needs, barriers and pre-conditions for deployment within the field of phosphorus recovery and re-use. Conclusions were that even though there have been activities within the field since the 1990’s, only a limited number of proven processes are implemented. There is no single solution and there is also a problem with user acceptance of the product, since it is originating from wastewater, therefore further activities within the field are needed, both on research level as well on regulative levels promoting use of recovered phosphorus.

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