Official launch of the HTC plant in Relzow

RELZOW, November 20, 2017 – Last week AVA officially launched the hydrothermal carbonization plant in Innovationspark Vorpommen in Relzow, Germany. The ribbon-cutting event, which took place on 16th of November 2017, included a demonstration on the ground of the hydrothermal carbonization process led by Mr. Stepan Kusche, CEO of AVA. The participants at the event had the chance to learn about the process and to observe the production of coal from biomass on the spot.

The event was followed by a presentation on renewable energy solutions developed in Innovationspark Vorpommen. Mr. Uwe Kuhnle, CEO of the Innovationspark Vorpommen, talked about the future vision of the innovation park and the ongoing projects in the field of hydrothermal carbonization, battery storage, solar thermal and photovoltaic technology. Along with the current resources and future developments and researches on wind energy and hydrogen production the park tends to become a unique place in the world with 100% renewable energy technologies developed on industrial scale.

Mr. Hans-Josef Fell, former member of the German Parliament and the current Chairman of the Energy Watch Group, emphasized in his presentation the importance of renewable energy solutions for the global environment, including the relevance of hydrothermal carbonization process and the usage of bio coal on the market.

The event gathered around 100 representatives of local and national authorities, investors, media, decision makers in energy and green technologies etc.  The launch of the HTC plant in Relzow represents a new stage in the field of hydrothermal carbonization. The researches and developments of AVA GmbH brought the hydrothermal carbonization technology at a higher level, with the possibility for coal and phosphor production from biomass or sewage sludge in an efficient time with less resources involved.  

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