Shaping up the HTC plant

HTCycle GmbH offers support at all stages of the HTC plant design.

Concept design refers to the first sketches of a HTC plant. It is reflecting the concept of the process without important technical data or any sophisticated animation. It shows the general solution for the biomass or sewage sludge and the overall processing stages. The concept design can show different possibilities for the HTC process and various ideas are taken into consideration.

Basic engineering represents the link between the concept design and the detailed engineering. It shows the overall HTC plant configuration through layouts of schematics and diagrams. The basic engineering of the hydrothermal carbonization plant illustrates the process specifications and the general framework to build the project.

Detailed engineering is mostly done with the use of the CAD tools. It shows the entire plant and its technical details based on mathematical and logical calculations. In other words, the detail engineering shows the virtual HTC plant model with its real dimensions, depending on the manufacturing requirement, data accuracy, chemical and biological reactions etc.  

HTC plant detailed engineering animation. For more videos please click here.

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