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Sewage sludge carbonisation demo at HTCycle headquarters
On 4th of June 2018 a demonstration of sewage sludge carbonisation was held at HTCycle headquarters. The event was attended by the mayor of Anklam, Mr. Michael Galander, representatives of Ministry of Economy, Labor and Health Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Greifswald Wastewater Plant,  GKU GmbH, ZV-Festland-Wolgast, Water Supply and Sanitation Union Usedom Island, University of Rostock, State Office for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Geology, TBI GmbH Neubrandenburg and Nordku...
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Presenting the only clean and sustainable way for sewage sludge
IFAT, the World's Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies with over 140,000 visitors and 3305 exhibitors from around 60 countries took place in Munich from 14th to 18th May. For HTCycle this was a very successful trade fair with numerous visitors from all over the world and many opportunities to share ideas and experiences.Mr. Stepan Kusche, CTO of HTCycle presented the latest and leading improvements of the hydrothermal carbonization technology for biomass and sewage sludge and t...
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Welcome to HTCycle!

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our website!
We hope you will find here the necessary information about our services, technology and other interesting facts regarding the hydrothermal carbonization process.

HTCycle offers a holistic solution to close nutrients and material life cycles. Our technology represents a different perspective of how we could use the sewage sludge to generate valuable limited nutrients like phosphorus, sulphur, carbon etc.

Combining our engineering skills and driven by the idea that we need to keep our planet green and in the same time to assure an ecosystem balance of fundamental nutrients, we have developed the only clean, sustainable and profitable way for sewage sludge treatment.
Mr. Kuhnle
Chief Executive Officer
Hydrothermal carbonization plant
a solution for residues and biomass
Hydrothermal carbonization is a chemical process for the conversion of organic compounds to structured carbons. The process, which technically imitates the brown coal formation taking place in nature within 50,000 to 50 million years within a few hours, was investigated by Friedrich Bergius and first described in 1913.
additional support for our clients
HTCycle GmbH experts provide additional services like: engineering, consultation and planning for the clients that intend use the hydrothermal carbonization as a waste disposal solution which generates products like coal and phosphor.