Our committment

Committed to developing cutting-edge, sustainable solutions, HTCycle places special emphasis on innovation. That’s why we strive to establish a creative environment where our team, partners, and clients can be continuously inspired and motivated to design and implement solutions that maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

As a global leader in sustainable waste disposal, HTCycle partners with companies to create a greener, cleaner-running world through their innovative technology. The HTC sludge solution already has demonstrable success not only for waste management but in wastewater treatment (WWTP) and has proven to be a profitable, sustainable solution that can be applied on an industrial scale.

Corporate slogan

As a member of IPI AG, HTCycle shares the holding company’s slogan: Innovating Energy Solution.

We strive to bring the greenest, most innovative technology in energy generation to the global market and offer products with a high economic and ecological value.

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